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  • Iacub, Gurie; Gurdiș, Viorica; Chiosa, Andrei; Leliuhina, Eugenia (2013)
    The paper presents the investigations on the nitrate and nitrite contents in 64 samples of pork where the nitrate was of 14,8 mg/kg and nitrite - 0,30 mg/kg. As a result it was established that the samples have good sanitary ...
  • Iacub, Gurie; Balanescu, Savva; Chiosa, Andrei; Cociu, Valeriu; Gurdiș, Viorica; Zaitceva, Diana (2016)
    În prezent în sectorul agricol pentru protecţia roadei se folosesc în principal substanţe netoxice sau puţin toxice pentru animale. În legătură cu aceasta sunt elaborate norme de păstrare, transport şi utilizare a pesticidelor. ...
  • Iacub, Gurie; Balanescu, Savva; Gurdiș, Viorica; Cociu, Valeriu; Chiosa, Andrei (2015)
    The analyses of 102 samples of meat on the different animal species: bovine, swine, lambs, kids, rabbits, ducks and hens, reviled on less than 50% and 10% of nitrate and nitrites respectively.
  • Iacub, Gurie; Chiosa, Andrei; Gurdiș, Viorica; Leliuhina, Eugenia; Gairunova, Daria (2014)
    In this study are presented methods of using canola in animals food. Here are listed security measures and rigorous compliance to standards and regulations in the field.
  • Iacub, Gurie; Balanescu, Savva; Zaitceva, Diana; Chiosa, Andrei; Cucuruzean, G. (2012)
    The organoleptic analyses of nutrition show that we are not able to guarantee the harmless and safety of nutrition, because we have no techniques in tracing the evidence and content of mycotoxins in it. As a result the ...

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