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  • Gurdiș, Viorica; Holban, Dumitru; Chiosa, Andrei; Cociu, Valeriu; Leliuhina, Eugenia (2014)
    Study was performed in 2 groups of sows bred Large White and Landrace divided into experimental group and control clinical signs hypogalactia. It was found that tissue product management coriocen hypogalactic parturient ...
  • Iacub, Gurie; Gurdiș, Viorica; Chiosa, Andrei; Leliuhina, Eugenia (2013)
    The paper presents the investigations on the nitrate and nitrite contents in 64 samples of pork where the nitrate was of 14,8 mg/kg and nitrite - 0,30 mg/kg. As a result it was established that the samples have good sanitary ...
  • Voinițchi, Eugeniu; Balanescu, Savva; Holban, Dumitru; Zaitceva, Diana; Leliuhina, Eugenia (2013)
    The researches were carried out on two groups of chicken COB 500 - control and experimental. The purpose of the study was to find some possibilities for improving the productive performances and prevention of gastro-enteropathies ...
  • Iacub, Gurie; Chiosa, Andrei; Gurdiș, Viorica; Leliuhina, Eugenia; Gairunova, Daria (2014)
    In this study are presented methods of using canola in animals food. Here are listed security measures and rigorous compliance to standards and regulations in the field.

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