Influenţa condiţiilor naturale asupra recoltei şi calităţii strugurilor

Show simple item record Rapcea, Mihail Chisili, Mihail 2020-11-04T12:18:51Z 2020-11-04T12:18:51Z 2003
dc.identifier.citation RAPCEA, Mihail, CHISILI, Mihail. Influenţa condiţiilor naturale asupra recoltei şi calităţii strugurilor. In: Intellectus. 2003, nr. 1, pp. 44-48. ISSN 1810-7079. en_US
dc.identifier.issn 1810-7079
dc.description Affilation: Rapcea Mihail, Univ. Agrară de Stat din Moldova; Chisili Mihail, Inst. National pentru Viticultura si Vinificatie en_US
dc.description.abstract During the winter rest period the most important months for the vine temperature and humidity conditions are: - for yield formation – February; - for sugar accumulation – December, February. In the vine vegetation process the action of meteorological conditions are divided into two stages: - the first – the shoot and grapes growth period; - the second – the crop ripening period. In the first period the air temperature increases by 1°C about the optimum one affects the reduction in yields with 1,2°C and more, and the rainfall in this period have a converse impact upon the yield. In the second period the action of temperature-humidity conditions has a strong impact upon sugar accumulation. The most critical month is September. For prognostication of sugariness it is quite enough to take into account the September rainfall. The additional evidence of average temperatures, which is in close concordance with the rainfall, offer us new information. Use of statistical modeling in the complex examination of vine productivity dependence on the climatic growth conditions permits, in our opinion, to solve three significant problems: - the quantitative evaluation of the sugariness and yield dependence degree, as main performance indexes, on the meteorological conditions of the year; - the statistical prognostication of the expected yield and evaluation of the security degree of such - the anticipated evaluation of the climatic component of territorial potential determined for vine growth of some or other varieties. en_US
dc.language.iso other en_US
dc.subject struguri en_US
dc.subject factori de mediu en_US
dc.subject calitatea produselor en_US
dc.subject product quality en_US
dc.subject grapes en_US
dc.subject environmental factors en_US
dc.title Influenţa condiţiilor naturale asupra recoltei şi calităţii strugurilor en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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